Current staff


  • Animeace is the one and only, irreplaceable admin. He is also our main cleaner/redrawer and a wickedly awesome typesetter. Ace is the boss!


  • Jshaf is a wickedly awesome translator and proofreader in charge of the Drifters project. With his unresistable charm and looks to die for, he is our rockstar!


  • Hariya is an amazing translator, proofreader, and quality checker in charge of Gesellshaft Blume and Hi ni Iru. Always ready to help, her charisma stat is off the charts!


  • Hamderbob is a superb quality checker. Nothing escapes his sharp eye. He also takes care of all the work done behind the stage to make sure we are not slowed down.


  • Annalanna is a resident pretty much anything we need except a translator of moonrunes. She’s a Jack of all trades and master of none! As of recently, she’s also filling the position of a coadmin.


  • Tyresonance is Blume’s Typesetting mistress. With her dominatrix outfit and Wacom Intuos whip, she makes the letters bow down to become purely awesome art.


  • Cygnus is a temporary redrawer for several projects of our projects when he has time to spare. He is also a very talented artists so go bow down to his awesome art.

Inactive Staff


  • Arazez is the swiftest typesetter for most of our projects. Armed with CTRL+C and CTRL+V, he fills up the cleans with the speed of a lighthing.


Retired Staff

  • Creeps (Proofreader, Cleaner, Redrawer, Typesetter, Quality Checker, Admin, Founder)
  • pirate_11 (Quality Checker, Typesetter)
  • alpha (Cleaner, Typesetter)
  • Abc123 (Proofreader, Cleaner, Redrawer, Typesetter, Quality Checker)
  • Kamikazeeee (Typesetter)
  • Hyrrokkin (Cleaner, Redrawer)
  • speechless (Typesetter)
  • kingofranger (Translator)
  • SilverBlade (Typesetter)
  • Tsu (Typesetter)
  • KruXIs (Typesetter)
  • warefly (Cleaner, Redrawer, Typesetter)
  • dioz (Proofreader, Cleaner, Redrawer, Typesetter, Quality Checker)
  • Jerek (Cleaner, Redrawer, Typesetter)
  • neko (Quality Checker, Proofreader)
  • kuro (Typesetter)
  • Ge4ce (Translator)
  • Arabian Luffy (GFXer for promotional materials)