So, here are some things which one should know about INP-Mangaz Scanlation Team.

We are a small group of dedicated individuals dedicating our time to releasing the best scanlations we can. What we offer are previews of the works and as such, we will only keep the latest scanlated chapter on the site. Consider buying the chapters as they become available in your region to support the author. After all, the official translations are superior to fanmade ones.

All of us volunteer and don’t get paid for the work we do as there is no profit to be made and some of us invest money in this. As such, there are some things we expect.

While we welcome constructive criticism about projects we release and their quality, we absolutely do not allow bashing of our work or flaming of our staff members. It is common courtesy really.

As for our releases, only place where we allow hosting of our work is Moon Bunny Cafe since they provide raws for most of our projects. While we know that leeches will be leeches, we kindly ask the readers to refrain from supporting leeching sites. We can’t prohibit anyone from doing so, but it is our wish that hosting sites which are supported are those which respect our re-hosting time limits and which by that respect us. Currently, as batoto is not longer an option, that means that we don’t allow re-hosting.

We allow for re-translations of our works providing you ask first and link the homepage of our group in the credits. For more information and if you have a wish to re-translate any of our projects, contact us at inpmangaz.staff@gmail.com.

We are also open to joint projects. We have no official guidelines for that, but you are welcome to contact us at inpmangaz.staff@gmail.com for any details.

Thank you for reading.