Drifters 65 & IRC Channel


First off, regarding the missing pages for Drifters 65, we really have nothing to do with that. The same zip file was uploaded to batoto and mediafire and we double checked that. The one on mediafire never had any missing pages. We are unsure as to what happened on batoto, but it had to have been a mistake on their part and this is not the first time something like that had happened. We suggest our readers to check the mediafire release should they notice discrepancies as that is really the only one we have a full control over.

On a less exasperating note, INP-Mangaz has a functional IRC channel once more. It is hosted on snoonet server and is named #INP-Mangaz. Easiest way to access it is just to follow the link.

It is important to note that we will not be abandoning our wordpress account, but we wish to have a more direct interaction with our readers.

Looking forward to meeting you there,


Drifters Chapter 63 – Reupload

We have noticed that the previously uploaded chapter 63 of the Drifters series was missing a few pages. We are uncertain as to how this came to be as the uploaded archive contained all pages, but we have rectified the mistake and a proper chapter was uploaded on Bato.to.

We apologize to our readers for this mistake.

INP-Mangaz Staff

Mushibugyo 114 And Drifters 62 Inbound

Whats up guys Animeace here just another update that we will have chaps within next day or so. Short stick I had some family die in a car accident so yeah thus my disappearance. Online has been the least of my concerns as my family was and is still my main priority ATM.  Regardless I offer my deepest apologies to the team and our readers for the delay.

Overcoming tragedy and grief Is never easy but for the sake of Drfiters Nation. I will fortify my mind and sharpen my hearts resolve once again. Down with Black King!!

Update on Drifters

Since several concerned fans have reached out to us, we feel compelled to make a public statement about this.

We have not given up the scanlation of Drifters. We will release chapter 62 and we will release all the chapters after it for the foreseeable future. We have no intention of dropping Drifters either.

The current chapter has been somewhat delayed as one of our key members for the project got hit by the bus known as real life. We will release the chapter as soon as he is available.

Wishing you all a very lovely day,

INP-Mangaz Staff

10 Year Anniversary

Well, I know what you must be thinking right about now.

“God, you guys must be old as dirt now!” XD

I assure you, our staff and I are still in the prime time of our youth! Well, most of us anyways. *cough*

That being said, the staff would like to thank all the readers who have supported us over the years, and we’ll give you a little bit of an origin story on how INP first began.


Shortly after, in 2012 the forum sister’s anime streaming  site INSTANTZ.net was suddenly hit by DMCA forcing the owner KING to take it down in compliance. However, all of the sites members where left in the dark on the matter and then the message board was also suddenly removed. Long story short, many heated words where exchanged, other sites created but through it all the INP-Mangaz Team was left intact. In 2014, together with Al, we started a new site ,with long time members like Bluts, Peksi, and Creeps while I began assembling a new scanlation team.

Along the way I met the now Rock-Star translator of Drifters,  JShaf, and from there we snowballed our way into our current line up of awesome members. Still, we have met a lot of challenges along the way. Once again, we were left without our home-site. And many members of our staff have been overrun with RL issues, myself included. Through it all, the mission of giving the masses the highest quality manga has never changed.

The one thing that sets us apart from other big groups, many of which have died out, is the trait of self-sacrifice. To reference one my current reading favorites Boku no Hero Academia, everyone needs to be “ALL FOR ONE”. The torch must be passed on from generation to generation. Don’t worry though, my light is far from burned out yet! As you will see, we have a ton of upcoming releases for you today. So stay tuned and to all our previous manga staff i would like to give a sincere heartfelt thanks for all your previous work. Abc123, Kamikazeeee, Hyrrokkin, speechless, SilverBlade_, pirate_11, Tsu, Alpha, KruXIs, max mahito, warefly, Jerek, dioz, neko, kuro, Ge4ce, Creeps,… The door is always open on Skype!

PS: If you made it through this long-ass post, I salute you and sorry for my long-winded ramblings! XD May we last another decade! Cheers to Jshaf, Arazez, Bob, Hari and Anna!