Gesellschaft Blume – Nomen est Omen

Hello there.

This is a special post for the Gesellschaft Blume for all the fans reading it out there about certain elements your very own Hariya and Annalanna noticed about names and expressions in the manga.

Firstly, there is the matter of double names for the Demon Lord’s Leitz. Each of them has two names. Their real name and their stage name. (e.g. Miriallia Beastrot‘s stage name is Miriaveena.)

Ixodidae references a family of hard ticks while Σ denotes a sum in mathematics. It implies that when using Hero’s Compensation, the Subjugators, much like ticks, suck the blood and sum it up. In other terms, they are parasites.

As for other characters, well, some have been pretty interesting.

For one, there is Coco Phenylalan. While we are unsure which Coco the authors are referencing, her last name is a shortening of Phenylalanine, an α-amino acid found in breast milk of mammals. It is reputed to have an antidepressant effect so it might be as a reference to Coco’s cheerful disposition.

Perrier might be a clear reference to a very popular brand of natural sparkling water from France.

Sangany might possibly be a reference to the word sanguine as a subversion of her own personality.

Geppetino Pediophobia who is a puppeteer clearly references Mister Geppetto from The Adventures of Pinocchio. However, his last name denotes a phobia of dolls.

Valerio Gan Valjean is likely a reference to Jean Valjean, a protagonist of Victor Hugo‘s novel Les Misérables. Much like Valerio, Jean was a mayor for a while and he is an ex-convict which ties in nicely with Valerio’s job being Bomber. Also, Jean Valjean was a mayor who would put his citizens first and spent money he earned on improving the city. Both have also been hinted as to have had a troubling childhood.


There are likely others, but those are the ones we caught so far. A few others we managed to decode will show up in coming chapters and we will make a note of them as they show up. If any of you notices any, do let us know in the comments and we will include them in this post with references.