Drifters 65 & IRC Channel


First off, regarding the missing pages for Drifters 65, we really have nothing to do with that. The same zip file was uploaded to batoto and mediafire and we double checked that. The one on mediafire never had any missing pages. We are unsure as to what happened on batoto, but it had to have been a mistake on their part and this is not the first time something like that had happened. We suggest our readers to check the mediafire release should they notice discrepancies as that is really the only one we have a full control over.

On a less exasperating note, INP-Mangaz has a functional IRC channel once more. It is hosted on snoonet server and is named #INP-Mangaz. Easiest way to access it is just to follow the link.

It is important to note that we will not be abandoning our wordpress account, but we wish to have a more direct interaction with our readers.

Looking forward to meeting you there,



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