Nekomata Chapter 6


Nekomata Chapter 6


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We kindly ask our readers to refrain from uploading this elsewhere for at least 24 hours. As always, please consider buying the official releases when they become available in your region to support the artist and thank you for your support of INP-Mangaz.


6 responses to “Nekomata Chapter 6

    • Ace is still around, but working mostly on Drifters and some of his own side projects (Mushibugyo and Ryoko). He has expressed an intent to retire once Drifters are completed.


      • I am not entirely sure. I can ask Ace the next time he is around as he is currently off the grid, but there are two guys currently added in a Skype group who were former members though I am unsure what their usernames are (one of them was a typesetter for Blaze project.). If you wish to be added to the group, you can send your contact info through the email and I can add you there.



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