Drifters Chapter 63 – Reupload

We have noticed that the previously uploaded chapter 63 of the Drifters series was missing a few pages. We are uncertain as to how this came to be as the uploaded archive contained all pages, but we have rectified the mistake and a proper chapter was uploaded on Bato.to.

We apologize to our readers for this mistake.

INP-Mangaz Staff


3 responses to “Drifters Chapter 63 – Reupload

  1. Missing pages? How many pages are they’re supposed to be, then? I’m looking at Chapter 63 on Bato and I skimmed through all 17 pages. Is that the correct number?


    • Hello, Hellen.

      If you are currently looking at the chapter on Bato, then you are definitely seeing a correct number. The chapter was reuploaded as soon as we noticed that there were pages missing.

      All the best in the New Year.


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