Drifters Chapter 63 – Reupload

We have noticed that the previously uploaded chapter 63 of the Drifters series was missing a few pages. We are uncertain as to how this came to be as the uploaded archive contained all pages, but we have rectified the mistake and a proper chapter was uploaded on Bato.to.

We apologize to our readers for this mistake.

INP-Mangaz Staff


A Lifes Work

After years of dedicating myself to others I figure it’s long overdue to spend some quality time and do something for myself. So I have put together a lil highlight reel of my¬† nearly 10 year in scanlation. Over 200 chaps ive released either by my self (Acchi Kocchi,Duel,when a magician pupil smiles, majimoji to many to remember them allXD)or through inp/c sidecafe. All the pages are typesets/clean and redraws that ive done shout out to old forgotten comrades..

Series featured in the video are KHR, Blazer Driver, Mahou Gyoushounin Roma, Acchi Kocchi,Samurai FLamenco,Drifters, Geselchaft blume, Musgibugyo, Slephnir, Tokyo Ravens, Duel, eye shield 21..